The true Story

about PitGreen

With the great golf boom happening in Germany, Pit Green is the perfect accessory to enjoy playing golf even away from the green.

Sitting at the bar and playing golf with wires from a cork stopper, the developers were inspired to build the first version of PIT GREEN - within a year of hard development the concept matured from an idea to a finished product.

A creative team of designers from Germany and Switzerland created the micro golfer. As part of Designmai 2004 in Berlin, PIT GREEN was selected to receive the special award of the Nike Play Award “Innovations in Sports Gear”. „Our plan was to develop a product that by no means serves a purpose and today we realize that micro golf is what the world has been waiting for“, the creators sum up in amusement.

Creative Heads


Axel Hildenbrand Born in 1970, Axel Hildebrand studied industrial design in Darmstadt. Working for agiencies in Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich in the time from 1998 to 2003, he mainly focused on interior and exterior design. Since 2003, he is a managing partner of the design agengy rutan in Darmstadt.

Oliver Johannson Born in 1972, Oliver Johannson studied industrial design in Darmstadt. While still studying, he already started working as an independent graphic designer. Being aware of the enormous impact the Internet will have in the future, he concentrated on combining visual aesthetic and interactivity. Since 2003, he is a managing partner oft he design agency rutan in Darmstadt.

Matze Lenz Born in 1968, Matze Lenz studied industrial design in Darmstadt. Under the pseudonym IIII423, he started working as a self-employed graphic designer in 1990. Living and working in Zurich since 1996, Matze Lenz is working for various agencies and customers. His established priorities are corporate-design, interaction-design, industrial design, trend-scouting and consulting.

Jörg Meister Born in 1974, Jörg Meister studied industrial design in Darmstadt. Between 1998 and 2000, he worked for different agencies in Darmstadt, Frankfurt and Nuremberg. In 2001 he became a freelance employee for vividprojects in Frankfurt.

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